Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bears working to boost Kevin White’s confidence

Three years and three season-ending injuries can get into one’s head. It can bring you down and make you question everything about yourself and your career. That is where Kevin White is going into his fourth season in the NFL.

Now that he is healthy, new Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy wants to restore White’s confidence. After three days of minicamp, it appears to be working. By all reports, White looks strong, fast, and crisp.

“He’s a kid [whose] confidence hasn’t been where it needs to be,” Nagy said Wednesday. “But what I can tell you is that from what I’ve seen so far, if I was somebody that was coming into this building and facility that didn’t know anything about him, you’d never in a million years know it from what we’ve seen recently.”

This offseason, the Bears hit the reset button, firing head coach John Fox and hiring Matt Nagy to replace him. A new receivers coach was also brought on board. Installing a new offense will, in effect, allows White to start over as well.

“I would think it would, that it would help him,” Nagy said. “If any of us were in that situation, and you have a fresh start — forget about the whys of what happened. Forget about that. That doesn’t matter. What matters is about right now.

“He’s young. He has a big ceiling. Now we can try to do it as much as we can as coaches and try to pull it out of him, but he’s got to work hard. He’s got to put time in the playbook. He’s got to put in the extra work after practice when he can. And then when the game comes, he’s got to make plays. When you do that, his confidence will slowly get better and better.”

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