Friday, November 4, 2011

Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis Calls Adam Jones a "True Pro"

  Adam Jones returned to action last week for the Cincinnati Bengals for the first time in over a year. Jones had been out since suffering a neck injury against the Atlanta Falcons last season. His return was short-lived, however. He pulled up lame at the end of a 63-yard punt return during the 2nd quarter of the game against the Seattle Seahawks and did not return.
  The hamstring injury Jones suffered is getting better, and head coach Marvin Lewis said on a conference call with the Tennessee Titans media yesterday that "Adam Jones"would likely play on Sunday against Tennessee; the team that originally drafted "Adam Pacman Jones." Lewis was asked during the call if "Pacman Jones"would be in uniform for Sunday's game. Lewis replied that "Pacman Jones" would not be in uniform, but that is" Adam Jones" would.

"I think Pacman left himself down there in Tennessee somewhere or Dallas, I don’t know,” Lewis said Wednesday. “Adam, we’ll see.”
  Most of the people who follow, or know of Adam Jones think of the player that was drafted 6th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans: Pacman Jones. The guy with a lot of potential on defense and could break a game wide open with a big kick or punt return. The guy who was never able to handle the celebrity that came from being high-profile Draft pick. His multiple arrests and other run-ins with the law are well-documented. After serving a 1-year suspension from the NFL, Jones has tried to rehabilitate his image. He has managed to keep himself clear with the exception of a late-night arrest for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest back in July
  Jones is trying to shed the 'Pacman' nickname that he had since childhood and just be known as "Adam Jones." Marvin Lewis doesn't know Pacman Jones. He says that the Adam Jones that he has on his team is not the same Adam Jones that was a member of the Tennessee Titans.
"My experience with Adam has been excellent, and I am very close with Jeff Fisher. … I really talked with Jeff a lot about Adam when Adam was still a Titan and then later on when we decided to bring him here,” Lewis continued. “He has grown up a lot. I felt like he knows he made a lot of errors in judgment, and it’s unfortunate a guy could go into college and spend three years on a college campus and not learn some of the things really they should learn. But hopefully he has learned those lessons now.”
 “He has been a great teammate to the guys here. He has been very supportive of everyone and he has worked his tail off to come back from his injury,” Lewis said. “He worked his tail off to get back on this football team a year ago. … He made good on it. … Unfortunately he got injured. He has fought his way back again and really worked hard, so we’ll see when he is able to play again.”
  Adam Jones wants to continue his return to action this weekend against the team that drafted him, and then let him go.
"I'm not missing that one in Tennessee. I'll do whatever I have to do to be healthy," Jones stated.
  The Bengals play at the Titans this Sunday at 1:00 pm on CBS.

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