Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anthony Becht Returns To Kansas City

  After getting cut by the Kansas City Chiefs following the NFL Preseason, Anthony Becht was resigned by K.C. on Friday. The Chiefs originally signed Becht midway through the Preseason in order to add depth at TE. When Becht was first released, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley told Becht to stay in shape, and that he could expect a call if they needed him.
  Becht did not need to wait for long. During their preparations for Week 2 at Detroit, Haley decided to invite Becht back to Kansas City while evaluating their roster.
  "As we evaluate our team during the week," Haley said, "things change and we have to make decisions appropriately to handle those as things do occur. As this week went on, we just felt that Anthony was the best thing for our team going forward."
  During the prime of his career with the Jets and the Cardinals, Becht was known as a versatile TE who was an adept pass-catcher and blocker. After being out of football for one season after being cut by the Cardinals, these are some of the traits that landed him in Kansas City.
  “He’s what we call a wide tight end. He does both and he caught a couple balls in preseason while he was here and he’s also been a pretty good blocker through the years. A complete wide tight end is the way we describe him.”

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