Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jerry West Publishes Stunning Autobiography

  "I would go to bed feeling like I didn't even want to live," ... "I've been so low sometimes and when everyone else would be so high because I didn't like myself."- Jerry West in the Austin American Statesman
   West Virginia Mountaineer legend, Jerry West,  released an autobiography entitled West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life. In the book, cowritten with Jonathan Coleman, West vividly describes his childhood in Cheylan, West Virginia,  his time in Morgantown, WV, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers and being an executive in the NBA.
  Although West has been the logo of the NBA since 1969, unless you know him you probably don't know much about the Kid From Cabin Creek. He is deeply personal and enigmatic and doesn't grant many interviews. In this book, West reveals startling details about his growing up in West Virginia and his relationships with his father.
  The book is described as "not so much a sports memoir and more of a profound confession and a magnificent inspiration.
  I picked up my copy yesterday, and I will provide a full review when I am finished. So far, I cannot put the book down. If that's the case, I will have a review soon.

  West has been making the rounds in advance of the release of the book. He has made appearances on the Dan Patrick Show and had a book signing and presentation at the Charleston Civic Center. On his appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, West admitted to threatening to kill his father.

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