Thursday, September 29, 2011

Former Mountaineer John Flowers Set For Stardom in Japan

Flowers holding the Saitama Bulls mascot.
  John Flowers wrapped up the preseason with the Saitama Broncos, a professional Japanese basketball team. If you follow Flowers' blog, Flo's World, you would know that Flowers has had a bit of a culture shock in Japan. Check out his adventure with the bidet. Priceless.
  Flowers' team is a mixture of American and Japanese players. John brought his signature defense learned from Bob Huggins by blocking shots to Japan and has already made an impression with his physical play inside. One thing noted in the write-ups  is that Flowers is hitting three to four three-points shots per game.
  Flowers' coach is American, Dean Murray. After seeing Flowers play for the last month, Murray believes Flowers has a chance to shine in the league and could be set for stardom.
"We are just really excited to have John on our team," Murray said. "He brings so much energy. He's a rookie and he's real excited to be here. This is his first job (as a pro player). We've got some veterans on this team and I thought it was important for us to a young guy on our team. Although he is learning a lot from our veterans, our veterans can feed off of his energy, too."
Flowers and the Broncos play their first game at home on Oct. 15 against the Yokohama B-Corsairs.

Source: Broncos, 89ers making strides at different pace | The Japan Times Online

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